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 In June of 2017, USAG leadership approved and adopted the SafeSport Policy. This Policy gives detailed outlines of different types of abuse (physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, etc.) and preventative measures to eliminate them from the sport of Gymnastics.

We are proud to say that many of their policies and safeguards have been in effect at Air Time for many years. We have a complete "open door" policy that allows parents to see and hear everything we do in the gym. Students are not allowed in our Coach's Area, coaches do not travel alone with gymnasts, and coaches are trained in proper hand placement for spotting techniques.

Our coaches have all read the SafeSport Policy in its entirety, and we have their signature on file stating that they understand and will abide by this policy. Gymnastics should be a safe place for children against predators and other types of abuse created by adults. We take pride in taking care of your children while they are in our gym.

For more information on SafeSport, and to download and read the Policy, please click HERE.